Selling and Servicing Circular and Band Saw Blades for over 30 years!

Tooling Concepts is dedicated to providing design solutions and custom manufacturing of the finest production tools.  Our team of experts are ready to assist you by answering questions related to your specific needs.

About Us

We are a tooling company located in Elkhart, Indiana. Successful and in business for over thirty years, Tooling Concepts Inc. is a leader in manufacturing of circular saw blades for the wood, Ferrous and nonferrous industry’s.

In the last seven years, Tooling Concepts Inc. has made there name in the in the bandsaw blade industry teaming up with Roentgen, a German Manufacturing Company. We house coils of all sizes and have the capabilities to meet all customers needs.


Our team is hard working, knowledgeable, confident, dependable and experienced. The team at Tooling Concepts Inc. is always willing to find the right answers to bring your company’s profits to production.


Industries We Serve

Cutting Division

Tooling Concepts Inc. was founded in 1998 by Joe Wilkins to open the market place to innovation through design. Tooling Concepts manages projects from inception to completion, and is now the Midwest leader in tools and applications relating to cutting wood, plastics and ferrous & non-ferrous metals. These applications include: Carbide, Cermet, HSS, and friction and segmental industries.  We currently offer our products and services in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois. 

Wood & Plastics 

Green Lumber

Dried Lumber

Ferrous Metals 






Non-Ferrous Metals 





Milling  Division

Tooling Concepts Milling Division was formed to meet a high demand for custom design and services relating to milling sharpening services.  

We are an industry leader in this field, and have emerged as the Midwest leader in volume to the indexable tooling, and reconditioning industry. 

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